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Best Philadelphia Pizza | Slice Review

Best Philadelphia Pizza - Slice Pizzeria Review

This is a review of another best Philadelphia pizza place called Slice. Slice is a very common name these days especially in the pizzeria world. Slice is also a popular pizza website (but there is no relation).

Philadelphia’s Slice is a renowned pizzeria in Philadelphia. To debrief you, I am reviewing many popular pizza places in Philadelphia. Deeply rooted here, I know where to go and what is either very popular, very famous, and/ or just damn good pizza. Many of the places that will be visited in this Philadelphia pizza blog will be well known and many won’t be. But having that home field advantage will allow me to take you to discover the best of the best Philadelphia pizza (or validate the so called best).

I have started this site because I am tired of Philadelphia pizza having a bad reputation. As an owner of the famous Pizza Blog called Blog Pizza, I often hear too much negativity about Philly pizza. This blog will set the record straight. Philadelphia pizza is at minimum equal to New York Pizza. Think about it, if Philly can produce an ugly food like a cheese steak and make it famous, what do you think they can do with pizza?

On to the review…Slice is a pizzeria located at 1180 S. 10th Street (10th and Federal), Philadelphia, PA 19147. They were started about 3 years ago with the intention of focusing on a Napolitano Style gourmet pizza. This focus is in direct contrast to many of Philly’s American style pizza.

I have to say that I am very, very impressed with Slice’s pizza. They receive a Green Light. I ordered the Margherita pizza. I do this to keep all my reviews on a level playing field and also because this is the most basic type of pizza. If you can’t make a Margherita pizza well then you don’t deserve to have recognition as a best pizza place.

Their Margherita pizza (like all of the pizza served there) is thin crust. It was not burnt but lightly blackened (sign of a great pizza). There was a little crackle to their pizza but I am not going to hold them to that. Normally I like to fold a pizza in the middle slightly when I eat. This pizza won’t allow it. It may crack on an unpredictable side and then the line will follow all the way through. The result is that you are eating an irregular shape of a slice of pizza.

The tomato sauce was excellent. It was tangy and sweet and you can tell that it was fresh tomatoes. The sauce had an equal ratio to the cheese as well. This to me is a good healthy balance. I prefer an equal balance of cheese and sauce but my second choice would be more sauce like a traditional tomato pie. I can’t stand when there is too much cheese and too little sauce. That ratio is a NO-NO in my book.

The cheese was very good mozzarella cheese. It was cooked just right. It was not like that horrible cheese that was on the Pietro’s pizza pie from a few weeks ago. That place almost put me in the hospital. If you get a chance please read the story on the Best Philadelphia Pizza Blog.

The Margherita pizza also had its traditional basil sprinkled on top. Slice put a good portion on there so that you can feel like you’re eating a real Italian pizza.

The pizzas that Slice serves in there are all whole pizzas. You can order a small or a large pizza pie. Ironically, this place is called Slice but this pizzeria prefers not to sell a pizza slice. They do sell them but the cashier said that she would have to charge extra (like close to $4 – unheard of in Philly pizza world).

The size of the pie that I ate was a small (roughly 10 inches). The price was $8.95 and the large would have been $13.95. That is a well worth it price. Two people would need a large pizza. I ate a whole small pie by myself but then again I am a big eater. But just don’t order a slice here. A slice is not big at all especially for the price. Also, it is thin crust so you won’t get full as fast. If you eat here the value is in the whole pie.

Slice is a little place nestled in the heart of South Philly. There are about 6 small tables inside. But the owner has done a great job at keeping the place nice. There is slate tile everywhere and a big TV to watch as you eat.

Overall, I think that Slice’s pizza was in the best of the best of Philly. The price really helps rank this place high. Slice has been ranked by several different media sources as best pizza. For example, they were 2008 winner of My Fox Philly’s Hot List. Slice also won best of Philly for 2008.

Slice also delivers if you live in the Philly area. Talking with some friends though I have heard that it is best to eat there. When you order Slice to go, their pizza tastes half as good.

I don’t really have any recommendations for Slice but to keep their formula the same. They have a great reputation, a great thin crust pizza, a beautiful little cozy pizza joint, a great location (down the street from Geno’s and Pat’s Steaks), a nice staff, and a wide variety of pizzas. Actually, I ate a salad pizza when I was there. Slice serves their salads in a cone shaped pizza crust. It was delicious.

One observation that I will make is that Slice needs some competition. And I mean right across the street. You see, Geno’s and Pat’s Steaks are on the next block and their businesses are like a hand in glove. They feed each other business through the spirit of competition. People always ask “Which steaks do you like better Geno’s or Pat’s?” The same effect could happen here with Slice if they put good competition across the street and marketed it well. Well, whoever has deep pockets and takes this idea just remember to tell them where you got the idea fromJ

Slice has been reviewed by many so I will list a few of the popular reviewers and their comments below.


THE OMNIVORE May 2009 By Rich Pawlak

"A SliCE of Pure Pizza Bliss"

Philadelphia Style March 2009 By Adam Erace and Peter Proko

Two local foodies taste-test the best pizza in Philadephia."At this spot at 10th and Federal, you can get individual slices of regular pizza with or without additional toppings, but in our humble opinion you’d be wasting your time:"

Philadelphia Inquirer Feb. 8, 2009 By Rick Nichols

"Slice is Jason Dilks' homage to the delectable Trenton pizza he grew up eating"

City Paper by Drew Lazor

Last weekend saw the debut of SliCE, a gourmet takeout with freshness on the brain. The team's still crafting the final menu, but the golden-baked Neopolitian pizzas, including BBQ chicken and the classic margherita, should do well to tide you over. Non-pie eats include create-your-own calzones and SliCE-arotti, the ship's take on panzarotti. Bite This: Ficle pizza folks will love the "Quatro Stagione," a pie you customize quarter by quarter. Toppings include goodies like artichoke hearts, Maglio sausage, arugula and house-grated Parmesan.

Philadelphia Magazine

It may be called SliCE, but it's the fresh-from-the-oven-hand-tossed pies that made us love this bare-bones new South Philly spot. The thin, crisp crust is topped with a light blanket of fresh, chunky tomato sauce and generous handfuls of cheese. Take our suggestion: Keep it simple. Too many toppings can weigh this Neapolitan-style pizza down. Opt for the elegant margarita with fresh mozzarella, or garlicky Florentine.


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