Saturday, July 11, 2009

Best Philadelphia Pizza

Best Philadelphia Pizza

Philadelphia has a variety of foods to eat in its city from every culture imaginable. Philly has always been known for its pretzels and cheese steaks. The truth is that Philadelphia pizza has always been underrated. New York does have good pizza but Philadelphia...

In Philly, the pizza has been a hidden secret. Nobody really talks about their pizza as much as only the locals know where the best pizza places in Philadelphia are. Just think about it. If Philly can produce a disgusting and unhealthy food like a cheese steak and make it famous for having a great taste - imagine what they can do with pizza.

This blog will be focusing in on the best Philadelphia pizza places. Having spent many years in Philly, I know where to find the best Philly pizza. With this blog, I am going to disclose the truth about Philly pizza and eliminate the myth that only New Yorkers can make great pizza. Stay tuned to hear a true Philadelphian's perspective on Philadelphia pizza.

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  1. Pete's famous pizza is the best pizza in town.
    I like old Rome.