Thursday, September 10, 2009

Best Philadelphia Pizza Reviews

This page will be a comprehensive list of all of the Best Philadelphia Pizza Blog's best Philadelphia pizza reviews. Every review mentioned on this site will be documented here in a consolidated form. I will also provide a brief description of whether or not the pizza joint in question was voted to be the Best Philadelphia Pizza by our blog(this is shown with a green light review). Happy reading!

Green Light Pizza Reviews (that means GO)
Note: If a pizza place has received a green light then this automatically qualifies them into the Best Philadelphia Pizza Club.

Cacia's Bakery and Cafe - Northern Liberties

Carangi Baking Company - South Philly

Celebre's - South Philly

Criniti's Italian Restaurant - South Philly

Franco and Luigi's Pizzeria - South Philly

Gianfranco Pizza Rustica - Old City

Iannelli's Famous Brick Oven Bakery - South Philly

La Fourno Ristorante Trattoria - South Philly

LaScala's - Center City

Lazaro's Pizzeria and Grill - South Philly

Little Sicily Pizza Steaks and Hoagies - South Philly

Lorenzo and Sons - South Philly

Lorenzo's Pizza - Italian Market

Mama Palma's Wood Fired Brick Oven Gourmet Pizza - Center City Philadelphia

Marra's Cucina Italiana Restaurant - South Philly

New York Italian Bakery - South Philly

Overbrook Pizza - West Philly (Overbrook)

Pica's Restaurant - West Philly

Pine Street Pizza - Center City Philadelphia

Pizza Hut - North Philly

Pizzeria Stella by Stephen Starr - Queen Village

Pizzicato - Old City

Rustica - Northern Liberties

Santucci Brothers Square Pizza - Roxborough

Sarcone's Bakery - South Philly

Slice - South Philly

Soho Pizza - Old City

Tacconelli's New Jersey - Maple Shade, NJ (exception made - please read)

The Couch Tomato Cafe - Roxborough

Uncle Oogie's Pizzeria and Specialty Sandwiches - South Philly

Uncle Tomy's Original Pizza - South Philly

Villari's Bakery - South Philly

Yellow Light Pizza Reviews (that means proceed with caution)

Mama Angelina's Pizza Restaurant - Center City Philadelphia

Osteria - Center City Philadelphia

Pietro's Coal Oven Pizzeria South Street - South Philly

Top Tomato Pizza Kitchen - Center City Philadelphia

Red Light (Not Recommended)

Famous Napoli Pizza - South Philly

Joe's Brick Oven Pizza - Center City Philadelphia

Mack's Boardwalk Pizza - South Philly

N.Y.P.D. Pizza Department - Center City Philadelphia

Paolo Gourmet Pizzeria - Center City Philadelphia

Other Reviews

Maggiano's Little Italy Italian Restaurant - Center City Philadelphia

To Do List:

Caputo's Pizzeria - Manayunk


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  2. Thanks from one pizza freak to another :-)

  3. Mack's is a RED LIGHT, and Pizza Hut is a GREEN LIGHT?????!!!!!!
    Absolutly the MOST RIDCIULOUS thing I have EVER read in my life...That's like saying Nick's Roast Beef is a Red Light and Arby's is a Green Light for Roast Beef....