Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lorenzo’s Pizza Italian Market Style

For many years, Lorenzo’s Pizza has been faithfully serving pizza in one of the most tasteful areas in Philadelphia, The Philadelphian Italian Market. Located at 900 Christian Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147, Lorenzo’s pizza complements the other fine ethnic cuisines along 9th street.

Lorenzo’s Pizza sits at the corner of a very touristy area in Philly but are staffed but very local people. The final effect is to feel like you are truly immersed in the Philadelphian culture. The inside of Lorenzo’s has several tables as well as the counter for those who would like to dine in. The place looks and feels like a place from several decades ago (I can’t really tell which decade though). It is a bit run down in appearance but very laid back. They have a TV in there that complements my former point about the pizzeria’s age. The staff was very nice and the food was served super quick. What more can you want... well…quality and price…so let’s take a look.

The price was $1.50 for a large size American style plain cheese pizza slice. This a great deal as these are prices from 10 plus years ago. The size of the slice is very big and the crust is traditional crust but very thin at the end of the slice.

The cheese covered the top of the pie and was a very thin layer. The sauce underneath had a nice undertone of oregano, which can be seen through the cheese in sporadic patches. There weren’t any signs of charring on the pie but it still tasted good.

Overall, Lorenzo’s Pizza has very good American style pizza in the heart of the Italian Market. The place is a little run down but you are not eating the place just the pizza. The price of the slice was a tremendous deal for the size given. When you’re done your pie you can walk outside and get some coffee and dessert from the local shops around the way.

Lorenzo’s Pizza welcome to the Best Philadelphia Pizza Club!

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