Friday, November 6, 2009

Uncle Tomy’s Original Pizza Review

Uncle Tomy’s Original Pizza is located at 1653 South 27th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19145. Established in 1972, Uncle Tomy’s is a South Philly classic pizzeria. They serve appetizers, calzones, cheese steaks, hoagies, burgers, wings, and hot sandwiches.

Uncle Tomy’s Original Pizza is a takeout/delivery pizzeria only. There aren’t any tables to sit and they don’t want their customers to eat standing up either (as their sign on the wall states). Inside Uncle Tomy’s is a large variety of baseball pictures on the wall including many great Phillies’ players. This place really loves their Philly sports teams.

The service at Uncle Tomy’s Original Pizza is excellent. Since the joint is family operated, you get that warm Philly hospitality.

The pizza is also very good. You can order by the slice for $1.50 a pop or you can buy the pizza as a large box. They have 10, 14, and 16 inch pizzas. Uncle Tomy’s Original Pizza is a classic Philly neighborhood pizzeria that offers a variety of good tasting future heart attack foods.

I ordered pepperoni and plain cheese American style pizza. The crust is not charred at all but it has a crispy texture that is delightful. The crust is also a traditional crust that is really thin at the base of the slice. I would categorize this pizza as traditional and thin crust because it is not thin crust and it is not quite as thick as traditional. You can eat 1 more slice than you usually would with traditional crust because of its thinness (or maybe it’s just me).

The cheese is spread well on top of the sauce as this is the American style. The pepperoni slices were very big and plentiful.

The only problem that I had was that there was a pinch too much of oil on top of the pizza. Yet it was not too much as in Mac’s boardwalk Pizza where the pizza taste was dramatically changed.

Overall, Uncle Tomy’s Original Pizza has been around for many years providing quality pizza to Philadelphia. Their pizza is good quality at a good price.

Uncle Tomy’s Original Pizza – Welcome to the Best Philadelphia Pizza Club!

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