Saturday, November 14, 2009

Joe’s Brick Oven Pizza Review

Joe’s Brick Oven Pizza or Joe’s Pizza is located at 122 South 16th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102. From my understanding they have been open for many years (I have no idea how they have remained in business with their lack of quality customer service).

Joe’s Pizza is located in a very bustling area of Philadelphia so there is constant foot traffic into their business. They have a very beautiful building that has two floors of seating. There are plenty of tables on both floors so not to worry about finding a place to sit and eat.

Joe’s Pizza claims to have a brick oven but their oven is in no way a pure “brick oven.” It is more of a small high tech metal oven with a fake marble tile façade.

I have many complaints about Joe’s. First, the pizza…it sucks. Just horrible…no other critic can put it any better. The food was sitting there for how long on the counter. After being reheated it still came out bad.

I ordered a broccoli pizza…how can you mess that up (there is no sauce)? There was a good amount of broccoli (not a significant amount) but they definitely weren’t anything called fresh. There wasn’t any sauce on this pie as it was just a broccoli and cheese. The cheese was sitting under the broccoli and was very dry. The crust had zero signs of char. Matter of fact, the pizza was barely warm. The cashier/cook forgot to put my pizza in the oven. That leads me to the service.

The service at Joe’s Pizza was worse than the pizza. For starters, no one behind the counter cracked a smile to me or the thirty other customers the whole time I was there. I felt like the staff was talking down to its customers too with each interaction. Second, I ordered a slice of pizza and had to wait ten minutes before realizing the guy never put my slice in the so called brick oven. The second guy picked up on his mistake and put it in there for like 5 seconds. He gave it to me just barely warm. All this for $3.25 a slice. What a rip off!

What I don’t understand is how can you have such a nice place in one of the busiest areas in Philly and have lousy pizza and service. Where is the passion for your pizza? Pizza is an art and not to be treated with the disrespect that I felt me and every other customer in this joint was given.

Joe’s Pizza is NOT recommended by the Best Philadelphia Pizza Blog!

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  1. I'm from Michigan. I just tried this place today because the pizza looked good. Although the table could use a wipe, I found the spinach, tomato, and cheese pizza very good. The crust was soft and warm, and the quantity of cheese and spinach was just right. A slice and a bottle of Snapple tea was just under $5 and worth every penny.

  2. I tried their pizza once after many rave reviews by coworkers. INEVER WENT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Their pizza is the best! Sure, its always bustling - that's because the pizza is good, just like Philadelphia should be. I love the taste of the crust and the sauce. If you like extra thin crusts, this isn't for you. Everyone should try the ravioli pizza. It's terrific!

  4. Best pizza in Philly, period. But that's just my opinion.