Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Overbrook Pizza Will Smith Best Pizza

Overbrook Pizza Review - Will Smith Best Philly Pizza

Overbrook Pizza is not your typical Philly pizza joint. Celebrating 30 years in business this year, this little take out only (or delivery) pizzeria was highly recommended by one of the most famous living Philly celebrities, Will Smith. They are located at 2099 North 63rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19151, just a few moments from Will Smith’s high school, Overbrook High.

The staff at Overbrook Pizza was very nice but very busy (so you need to order and cut the small talk). The place was very small so again, just a reminder, there aren’t anywhere to eat unless you don’t mind standing outside and eating. The pizza oven used was also very small right behind the counter.

Will Smith is very friendly with the owners of Overbrook Pizza. He often ate there as a kid growing up in West Philadelphia. This may be the reason that when he comes home to visit his mother every now and then that he stops by to have a bite. Will likes Overbrook Pizza so much that he mentioned the place on an interview at 60 Minutes a few years ago.

Overbrook Pizza is good not only due to their popularity with Will Smith and the Saint Joseph University students but also because their pizza is one of a kind. Although they don’t have a dine-in restaurant, just waiting for your pizza for pickup is an enchanting experience. There are pics of Will and the owners on the wall and Overbrook Pizza’s awards (including World’s Largest Cheese Steak).

Overbrook Pizza makes their pizza in a pan. They are one of a small few in Philly that make pizza this style. I am not sure where they came up with this style of pizza making as the owners appear to be straight from Italy and not Chicago. Those facts become irrelevant once you eat their pizza. I ordered the Veggie pizza for $9. The pizza is a personal size (about 10 inches). They do not sell by the slice so I was forced to buy the whole thing but boy was it worth it. The veggie is made out of several major vegetable toppings including: mushrooms, black olives, broccoli, onions and green peppers.

All of the toppings were fresh and they loaded the small pie with them. The crust was not charred at all but very shiny, crunchy and with a buttery crust appeal as a pan pizza has. This is not a deep dish as the toppings and cheese were on top of the sauce. The cheese was very stringy and the eight small slices made eating very messy (especially considering the weight of the toppings). The sauce was very sweet but with all of the toppings you barely noticed it. The crust was definitely the highlight of the pizza though. Having good pan pizza is a treat in Philly where pan pizza barely exists.

Overbrook Pizza has value, popularity, taste, originality, and voted best pizza by the Philly legend Will Smith. Putting all of these factors together, I say Overbrook Pizza - welcome to the Best Philadelphia Pizza Club!

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  1. The owners are from Greece, not Italy. They are a long standing business on 63rd St, I too was born and raised in West Philadelphia...

  2. Hi. I have passed this place, but never ate there. From the description it sounds like they make "Boston Style Pizza" or "Greek Pizza." There are lots of places that offer this kind of pizza (Lots in Upper Darby and Newtown Square." This pizza is made in a pan as mentioned, and the crust gets buttery crisp. The cheese is typically a chedder mix. Some notable pizzareiars are Bryn Mawr Pizza and Boston Style Pizza. Its definitely tasty! Oh...this type of crust makes a fantastic stromboli.

  3. I grew up in the Overbrook section of West Philadelphia and my family swears, and that doesn't happen often, by Overbrook's food. Not only is their pizza to die for but their cheese steak is sumptuous. My dad, who is a very picky eater, gives them a thumbs up. I've moved out of Philadelphia since the 90's and I can tell you their phone number to this today. Whenever I return to Philly, they're number one on my list. All of their food is great, hoagies, stromboli, cheese steak, pizza, etc.