Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pizza Reviews Question

I have just received an email from a fan of Best Philadelphia Pizza Blog and thought it was be easier to a address his questions here. I have included his message below.

I disagree with your review of Mack's I just had it tonight and while it is
not perfect, I did enjoy it. I feel that a lot of pizza in Philly is pretty bad,
and they are way above average. And interestting too.

I don't understand the Slice reviews, I find it to be bland and boring
although it is beautiful.I agree about Marra's and Franco & Luigi's being
good, but you have missed a few down here in south philly.

Sarcone's makes pizza too! It may be sicilian style, but it's one of my
favorites, but not always avaialable (only weekends?)

Another bakery pizza to try is Iannell's on passyunk near federal. They
close early so it is more of a daytime pizza (I haven't had their thin crust
yet, but their tomato pie and Sicilian is great. Also check out their breakfast pizza (eggs and thick bacon) it sounds gross but it is pretty amazing.You should also try Soho pizza on market, it may be a little different (is it NY style?) but I consider it one of the best in Philly and I rank them with Rustica (A few blocks away).

Who do you consider the absolute best? Your blog doesn't say.

I still can never decide who to to order from, so I keep trying the new
flyers they stuff in my door hoping to discover something new.


Mike Garson

South Philly


You have very good suggestions and due to various time constraints, I haven’t introduced many very good pizza joints yet. Over the next few weeks though I will be providing a significant amount of reviews as my time will be freeing up a little. I am glad that you mentioned Sarcones and Iannelli’s as they are 2 of my favorites too and have planned to review them eventually. I am curious as to how you can find Mack’s pizza good though?

After I round up about another 25-30 more reviews I will create a “best of the best list.” For now I am just reviewing what is deemed to be the most popular pizzas plus a few local secret pizza places like the two that you have mentioned above. Keep reading Best Philadelphia Pizza Blog and stay tuned as your answers will unfold.

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  1. I loved McDonald Pizza very much because it's very testy and affordable price also good Quantity..