Friday, October 2, 2009

Lorenzo and Sons Pizza

Lorenzo and Sons South Street Pizza Review

My third stop on my pizza tour today was to Lorenzo and Sons on South Street. Lorenzo and Sons was established in 1988 (although their website claims that they ere open for more than 30 years). They are located at 305 South Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147.

I have ate at Lorenzo’s for a long time and will attest that they are a great late night pizza place after a long stroll down the famous South Street in Philly. On a Friday or Saturday night, you may see lines around the corner waiting for Lorenzo’s slices. Since they are open seven days a week until 3 in the morning, you are bound to have an experience at Lorenzo’s if you are there at the end of their night shift.

Lorenzo’s is an interesting place because they have absolutely no variety. As their customer slogan says “the customer is always wrong.” They serve basically one type of pizza by the slice, plain cheese American style pizza. They do not have a place to sit inside so plan on eating your slice on South Street.

Despite these limitations, Lorenzo’s is very unique. They sell probably the biggest pizza in Philadelphia. Their large box is a 28 inch pizza (wicked big). I personally do not know of any pizza in Philly that is larger than this (if you do then let me know so I can pay them a visit). This is similar to what DC pizza has become to be famous for – giant pizzas (actually much bigger than Lorenzo’s)

Lorenzo’s large pizza is so big that they actually have to put it in 2 boxes. If you bought Lorenzo’s by the slice, their pizza is still probably the biggest slice in Philly. It is the widest and the longest. The slice is so long that they serve the pizza with the end of the slice flipped over back on top of the pizza so that it can remain on the paper plate.

Since they don’t have much variety, I just took a regular cheese slice. This is a round crust pie, American style (as American as it can be). There is plenty of cheese on Lorenzo’s pizza as this is what makes there pizza taste unique. If you are into cheese and big then you should be here. Lorenzo’s sauce is of average taste but I will not lie to you: It is very difficult to taste the sauce as the cheese overpowers it. There is a large amount of cheese on this giant of a pizza slice.

The crust is cooked in their pizza oven before any discoloration. There was not a sign of burnt or blackness on my crust. The crust was of a thin to average thickness.

Overall, I think that Lorenzo’s and Sons should join the Best Philly Pizza Club. They make a cool, large, cheesy, American style pizza. This recommendation would drive New York pizza critics crazy as they would disagree. If these same people were to see the amount of business this place gets at night then they might reconsider.

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