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Pietro’s Coal Oven Pizzeria Review

Pietro’s Coal Oven Pizzeria Italian Pizza Review

This article will provide a review of Pietro’s Coal Oven Pizzeria Italian Pizza located in Philadelphia. This is my first major review of Philadelphia pizza on this blog. For those of you who don’t know the affiliation, the owners of this blog also run Blog Pizza, the premier pizza blog. I have decided to set this blog on Philadelphia pizza up because this is the area that I live and believe that the Philadelphia community needs some recognition in the pizza world. Who would be best to do this job other than Blog Pizza?

In order to determine who has the best Philadelphia best, I would like to start at the top of the chain. I am going after the so called “Philadelphia best pizza” joints through public recognition. Eventually I will be targeting the pizza places that us locals know of. Keep in mind that what I am doing is letting out Philadelphia secrets. Philadelphia pizza is not known to be famous like New York or Chicago for a reason.

Philadelphians choose to keep pizza a secret as when their foods get well know like in the cheesesteak scenario, our town becomes flooded with tourists littering our streets with Geno’s and Pat’s Steak dirty rappers. This issue will be dealt with another time.

Why am I letting the cat out of the bag? I would prefer our city to be known for pizza than cheese steaks. Pizza parlors can contain traffic indoors and have a better system to deal with tourists. The major Philly cheese steak places have lines 24 hours a day in the public’s way. What do I mean? If you ever drove by Geno’s or Pat’s on a Friday night you will see lines blocking the street because the sidewalk cannot hold them. This is a public nuisance to most Philadelphians. At least famous pizzerias are usually indoors with crowd control procedures.

Anyway, welcome to our new Philadelphia pizza blog called Best Philadelphia Pizza Blog. The first review will be of Pietro’s Coal Oven Pizzeria. Pietro’s is a family style restaurant owned by one family. They have several locations in the Philadelphia area. Pietro’s South Street is located at 121-123 South Street, Philadelphia Pa 19147; Pietro’s Marlton, 140 West Route 70, Marlton, NJ 08053; and Pietro’s Walnut Street, 1714 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103.

The location of my review of Pietro’s is based off of the South Street location. First, let’s take a look at the positives. Pietro’s South Street pizzeria is beautiful. Aesthetically you could not ask for more from a pizzeria. The building is two commercial buildings wide with the party walls knocked out to form a giant restaurant. The inside is mesmerizing with refinished brick all along the walls. Pietro’s are truly demonstrating that they are serving gourmet Italian food and pizza.

Second, the staff at Pietro’s pizzeria was very friendly. The waiter was courteous and that says a lot.

Third, the atmosphere was soothing. You feel like you are in a fancy restaurant yet with a twist of a calm welcoming that only a family run business can provide.

Fourth, I have eaten there before and can attest that most of their pasta dishes are very good. This visit I was focused solely on the pizza though. The menu includes family style for all of your dishes including the salads. By the way their salads were very good too.

Now the fun part…negatives. I don’t like their pizza. Let me tell you why. First, the cheese that they use on their pizza is a buffalo mozzarella style. For those of you who need to watch what type of cheese you eat...all I can say is “be careful.” This type of cheese is of a stringy, curdled format. To some it is the best in the world but not for me.

I ordered two types of pizza: a margherita pizza and a pizza with sun dried tomatoes and roasted peppers. The crust on both pizzas were very good. They have the formula down for crust well: thin, lighted darkened, but not burnt. The sauce was ok but here is the problem. If I had to quantify their pizza into parts I would say that their pizza is two parts cheese and one part tomato sauce. I don’t know about you but I would think that most people would rather have more sauce than cheese on a traditional pizza such as a margherita pizza. I love the taste of tomato sauce. If the sauce is made really well a pizza chef should be highlighting it on the pizza.

The toppings were good and plentiful on my second pizza. But the issue keeps coming back to their lack of sauce and more importantly, the cheese. There was too much cheese on this pizza and of the wrong kind (for me at least).

My final conclusions on Pietros… if you go just proceed with caution. This equates to my yellow light from our stop light system at Blog Pizza. Be careful of the cheese on the pie and be forewarned about all mentioned above. I don’t want to give this a red light because I know that others may not of had the same results as me. When I give a red light (which means don’t think about going) I am serious.

Thanks for visiting our article on Pietro’s Coal Oven Pizzeria Italian Pizza Review.

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  1. nice review - i need a recipe for a secret philadelphia pizza sauce - when i was stationed at randolpf afb in san antonio - there was a small pizza restaurant out on the highway run by a guy from philadelphia - the sauce on the pizza had a subtle unique taste - i have tried dozens of different spices and i can't duplicate that taste - what did he use ?!?! - thanks - toron . .

  2. Hello Toron.

    I am not sure what he used as his secret pizza sauce. There are so many different pizza places in Philadelphia and each have their own pizza recipes. There can be the same argument held for Philadelphia pizza that many New Yorkers use for New York Pizzza. That is, it's all about the water!

    Best Philadelphia Pizza Blog

    A Division of Blog Pizza

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  4. Anonymous,

    Thanks for commenting. I kept your comment up here because I enjoy a little humour every now and then.

    My opinion of a true food critic is obviously at difference with what yours is. I believe that a true food review should go out of their way to ensure that specific detail was provided of all events before and after the meal. This is what people need to hear - the truth. When someone is looking for a review of a certain food (pizza) they would like to know exactly what was their reaction after they ate.

    Although I agree it may be offending to some, if something as serious as a stomach problem occurred immediately after I ate from a certain restaurant, I feel that if I was not to disclose this information to my readers then I would not be portaying an accurate picture of the restaurant in question. Sorry, but this is not my style. I know that if I was a reader looking for a review, I am looking to know everything about a restaurant so that I can make a good judgement call as to whether I want to take a risk of eating there.

    By the way, for your information, before you would like to discuss a person in a conversation why not try and get his name right first - it's Andrew Zimmern and not Zimmerman. This proves how much you really know your food critics.

    Thanks for commenting on my pizza blog. Try to have the courage to be a little less anonymous next time so we can discuss this further.

  5. Your crazy, I have had pizza all over the country and pietro's is one of the best in the city and the country. I have been to the birth places in nyc like lombardi's and some of most typical, "main st america" hole in the walls. Pietro's is truly old world, old school pizza. The sauce is divine, and the ingredients are fresh. The crust, phenomenal. Charred just right, not too crisp. When you go in there, you order a reg large pie with mushrooms. My personal fav, if not, all other toppings are great, I just wouldn't order more then two at a time. simplicity in ordering is best here people. This guy got the wrong pie, bad review check it out for yourself.