Friday, January 22, 2010

Philadelphia Pizza Delivery Man Dies

This post is in honor of a Philadelphia pizza delivery man who died on Sunday afternoon in the Southwest section of Philadelphia while being hijacked on the job. 60 year old Jaime “Papi” Orozco was telephoned for a pizza delivery to 20th and Godfrey Avenue. When he arrived he realized that there wasn’t a building there. That is when he was car jacked and robbed. His death didn’t occur until after from a heart attack.

This poor man was just doing his job delivering pizzas when he lost his life. This is a very sad story for the pizza community because it solidifies a fear that many pizza delivery people constantly face. They deliver pizzas knowing that anything could happen to them at any time. Some delivery men and women deliver for something to do but most do it because they need the money. Mr. Orozco was just trying to make ends meet by working long hours delivering pizzas to dangerous locations.

This post serves as a remembrance to Mr. Orozco and his family and all other pizza delivery guys and gals who have fallen victim to a similar situation.

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